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Elective Residence Visa – What to do to obtain access to Italy

Elective residenceWhat is a national visa for elective residence?

The visa for elective residence grants access to Italy to foreigners wishing to reside in the country and who are able to subsidise themselves financially, without carrying out any working activity.

Article 13 of Attachment A of the inter-ministerial Decree MAE n°850 from 2011 defines the types of entrance visas and the requirements needed to obtain them.

What paperwork is necessary to obtain a visa for elective residence? (more…)

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High Net Worth Individual Tax System

Italy Introduces a High Net Worth Individual Tax System

Effective from 9th March, 2017, the high net worth individual tax system, pursuant to article 24 bis of Italy’s Budget Bill is a codicil that introduces an annual €100 thousand fixed tax rate for foreigners, including High Net Worth Individual Tax SystemEU citizens, deciding to move their residence to Italy. An additional €25 thousand per annum for each of the individual’s relatives, irrespective of the level of income, is also proposed. According to the bill, for those deciding to move to Italy, benefiting from said fixed tax rate is neither an automatic right nor an obligation – it is a choice.

Individuals wishing to take advantage of the fixed tax rate, will have to file an application with the Italian tax authorities, the Agenzia delle Entrate, which will conduct investigations with the individual’s country of origin before taking a decision. (more…)

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Are you resident or domiciled in Italy?

In today’s post, in response to a number of questions we have had at De Tullio Law Firm regarding this topic, I explore the legal and tax implications of Italian residency and domicile as they pertain to EU and non-EU nationals.

This is a very complex area and because every individual’s case is different. I would strongly recommend that you seek advice and guidance from your lawyer and accountant.resident or domiciled in Italy

For EU nationals, a visa is not required to enter or to work in Italy. A valid identity document issued by the relevant authorities in an individual’s country of citizenship is sufficient to allow entry to live and work in Italy. (more…)

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