Puglia Chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy

Puglia Chapter of The American Chamber of Commerce Italy

Since 2015, I have proudly held the position of a regional representative for Puglia within the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy. With a strong commitment to advancing economic and cultural relations between the United States and Italy, my focus lies in supporting and safeguarding the interests of our associates’ commercial activities. In this article, I provide an overview of Puglia’s dynamic economy, highlighting its diverse industries, thriving agricultural sector, impressive energy production, and the pivotal role played by tourism in fueling regional growth.

Puglia’s Dynamic Economy

Puglia boasts a robust and dynamic economy, characterized by thriving industrial production and strategic companies that have become integral to the national system. Additionally, the region has achieved remarkable export growth, leading southern Italy in 2014 with an impressive 9.4% increase and ranking as the top region in Italy in terms of growth percentage.

Industries and Agricultural Sector in Puglia

Puglia is home to a wide range of industries, extending beyond its traditional agricultural roots. Moreover, the region has emerged as a significant player in sectors such as steel, automotive, aerospace, furniture, and clothing. In the agricultural sector, Puglia stands out as the leading region for Italian olive oil production, accounting for 36.6% of the country’s total output. Furthermore, Puglia’s agricultural development model prioritizes competitiveness while also focusing on economic and environmental sustainability.

Puglia: A Leader in Renewable Energy Production

Puglia takes pride in its prowess in energy production, excelling in both fossil and renewable sources. Additionally, the region ranks as the second largest energy producer in Italy, with a particular focus on photovoltaic installations and wind power generation. Notably, Puglia serves as a shining example of harnessing sustainable energy to meet the region’s growing demands.

Driving Regional Growth: Foreign and National Groups in Puglia

Puglia’s industrial system thrives through collaboration with over 80 sites, hosting approximately 100 medium and large foreign and national groups. As a result, these entities play a pivotal role in the region’s economy, providing employment opportunities to over 40,000 direct employees. In addition, alongside these major players, numerous small and medium-sized enterprises and artisanal enterprises permeate the regional economic landscape, supplying goods across various sectors.

Puglia’s Tourism Sector: A Catalyst for Economic Growth

Puglia’s tourism sector has emerged as a significant driver of economic growth in the region. Its natural beauty, rich history, and culinary delights attract visitors from around the world, bolstering the local economy and creating opportunities for sustainable development. Furthermore, from its picturesque coastline with golden beaches to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Alberobello’s trulli houses and Matera’s historical town, Puglia offers a diverse range of captivating attractions. Additionally, the region experienced a steady increase in tourist arrivals, welcoming over 5 million visitors in 2019 alone. This influx of tourists stimulates the local economy, generating revenue and supporting job creation across various sectors, including accommodations, restaurants, and transportation services. Puglia remains committed to preserving its cultural heritage and promoting sustainable tourism practices that respect the environment and local communities.


As an American Chamber of Commerce in Italy regional representative for Puglia, I am honored to play a part in advancing the economic and cultural ties between the United States and Italy. Puglia’s diverse industries, flourishing agricultural sector, remarkable energy production, and the ever-growing significance of its tourism sector underscore the region’s economic vitality. Together, we aim to foster partnerships and promote sustainable practices that not only drive business growth but also preserve Puglia’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Are you interested in exploring investment opportunities or establishing economic ties with Puglia? If so, I encourage you to reach out to me. As the regional representative for AmCham in Puglia, I can provide valuable insights, connections, and assistance in navigating the business landscape of this vibrant region. Feel free to contact me to discuss potential collaborations, investments, or any inquiries you may have.

Furthermore, if you have visited Puglia and would like to share your experiences or if you have any questions about the region, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Let’s continue the conversation and explore the exciting possibilities that Puglia has to offer.

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