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Italy’s Constitutional Reform Referendum

On 4th December Italy goes to the polls: a constitutional referendum is going to give Italians the chance to choose whether to accept or reject the constitutional reform bill approved by Parliament and proposed by Matteo Renzi’s centre-left government. The constitutional reform is one of the most elaborate and ambitious reform bills ever to be put forward in Italy. The outcome, according to latest polls, is too close to call. Some of our readers have asked us what the referendum is all about, so in today’s blog post, we attempt to address the key issues and impacts.

What is Italy voting for?Ballot Form for Italy's Reform Referendum

Currently, Italian laws need to be approved by both houses of the Italian parliament: The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic. This “bicameral” system pits the state against the regions, which frequently leads to delay or scuppering of new laws, and undermines the stability of the Italian government. (more…)

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Possible effects of ‘Brexit’ on pensions for UK nationals living in Italy

BrexitIn his first words since accepting the result of the Brexit referendum on Friday, Mr Johnson wrote in 27th June’s edition of The Telegraph that, “EU citizens living in this country will have their rights fully protected, and the same goes for British citizens living in the EU”.

His column said: “The only change – and it will not come in any great rush – is that the UK will extricate itself from the EU’s extraordinary and opaque system of legislation: the vast and growing corpus of law enacted by a European Court of Justice from which there can be no appeal.” (more…)

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UK property purchasers in Italy after Brexit

How would a Brexit vote affect UK property purchasers in Italy?

Several UK property purchasers have recently asked me about UK property purchasers in Italythe possibility of a Brexit putting an end to all that is good about buying property in Italy. De Tullio Law Firm provides legal advice to foreign purchasers looking to buy property in Italy.

UK nationals buying properties abroad have tended to favour Europe. The most popular markets are Spain, France, Portugal and Italy, as well as Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

There are very practical reasons that make European destinations attractive for UK buyers. There are no visa requirements for UK citizens to travel across the EU. Member state economies are fairly stable. Excellent health care and education systems are available and there is generally a strong grasp of the English language. (more…)

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Brexit Jitters?

brexitAbout 26,000 British nationals are registered in Italy, according to Italy’s National Institute of Statistics. The British embassy in Rome believes the true number of British residents in Italy is double that.

A significant fear for those concerned about Britain leaving the EU is the potential mass exodus of both Europeans and Britons from each other’s respective nations. In 2015, former Attorney General, Dominic Grieve claimed that: “… EU exit would make 2 million Britons abroad illegal immigrants overnight.” (more…)

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